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Mayor of Rabbit Hash Passes Away
Subject: Mayor of Rabbit Hash Passes Away
Send date: 2008-06-03 00:50:02
Issue #: 14
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Although it is rather sad news, I thought you might want to know...

Mayor of Rabbit Hash Passes Away

Junior Cochran, Mayor of Rabbit HashMayor Junior passed away on May 17th, just 2 days shy of his 13th birthday. Thankfully, he did not have to be euthanized, (which was especially  easier on his "people"),  and mainly died of old age. Although Junior was diagnosed with lymphoma last fall, he was able to live well  in his remaining days.

According to the Mayor's owner, Jane Cochran, "Junior died peacefully in his yard after taking a long pee and smelling  the flowers."

Evidently Junior loved being mayor of Rabbit Hash. "He'd get so excited when we'd get out his red, white and blue bandana. He tried to serve his town well," Jane added.


Best regards,

Terrie Markesbery
Rabbit Hash General Store

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