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    The Rabbit Hash General Store is a major tourist attraction featuring antiques, collectible Bybee pottery, hand-woven towels from Boston Weavers, brooms made at Berea College in Kentucky, hand-made soaps, wooden kitchen utensils, enamelware, and more. We are open every day from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM.Read More
  • History of Rabbit HashSurviving floods and fires...

    Little documented history of Rabbit Hash actually survives, primarily because devastating Ohio River floods in 1884, 1913 and 1937 ruined many records. There is still mud in the store's attic crawl space from the historic 1937 flood, and the only reason it is still here is that it's anchored securely to the ground by a series of iron rods.Read More
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  • 1 About the General StoreIn Operation Since 1831
  • 2 History of Rabbit HashSurviving floods and fires...
  • 3 News and Upcoming Events Music, celebrations and more
  • 4 Photo Gallery Photos of Rabbit Hash, events, etc.
  • 5 Shop Online Special items we sell online


Photo Credit: Duane Doyle
rabbit hash hawgs hanging out at the General Store

Bikers love Rabbit Hash and no wonder! All roads leading to the General Store were made for motorcycles... The scenery is amazing, the curvey roads make for an interesting ride, and the destination offers refreshment and a chance to hang out with other bike enthusiasts.


As you can see in the photo above, there are literally hundreds of visitors to the Rabbit Hash General Store on any given summer day. This amount of traffic has the potential of becoming an irritant to local residents who are not accustomed to the noise or the crowds. So by observing the simple guidelines below you will help keep Rabbit Hash safe, clean, and peaceful.

1. Don't speed! The speed limit is 15 miles per hour downtown and by the store. Just beyond the General Store area the roads are posted at only 20-25 miles per hour. The roads leading in and out of Rabbit Hash are also very narrow. With kids, dogs, cats, deer, turkey, raccoons, bicycles, tractors, and other vehicles around... Driving at a low speed keeps everyone safe!

2. Try not to rev up your bike on Lower River Rd or Rabbit Hash Hill Rd. We know that many of you have tricked-out and souped up hawgs and the urge to show off your bike is sometimes hard to resist. But please remember that most of the time it's generally quiet around here... And the residents of this community want to live in the boonies just for that reason. So it's no surprise that "bike" noise is the most common complaint heard.

3. Don't litter. Even if it looks like nobody lives along the roads you're traveling, the property belongs to somebody who has to maintain it. Glass bottles are the worst since mowing tractors can run over them, shatter the glass into tiny slivers, and then fling broken pieces all over the place. This includes the road you're driving on! Don't be the cause of flat tires or injuries to barefoot children... Throw your trash in a waste can -- not along the roadside.

We love everyone who visits our small rural community and look forward to another great Spring/Summer season. Your help in preserving our historic town and respecting its residents, will insure a bright future for Rabbit Hash and for everyone who loves it.

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Stay at The Old Hashienda in the Heart of Rabbit Hash

hashienda-pic1.jpg Nightly accommodations are available in "The Center of the Universe" aka Rabbit Hash, Kentucky! We have converted one of the classic buildings of downtown Rabbit Hash into a lovely, rustic inn we call The Old Hashienda. During your stay in the heart of Rabbit Hash, you can sit on the porch swing with a cool drink, watch as the riverboats pass by, catch a great sunset, or even take in some incredible live music from your own porch.


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