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Spring 2022

We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Springtime and dropping COVID-19 numbers bring promise of some sort of normalcy to this little river town, and hopefully, to the rest of the world. Respect for others and patience in these trying times will pay off. It is hard to remember that there are many people still struggling with the effects of the pandemic, when our souls are in dire need of recharging. Sitting by the river, enjoying some live music, and being with old friends, or complete strangers, in Rabbit Hash is just what the doctor is ordering.

Winter has kept us busy feeding the wood stove and keeping the trickle of tourists and brave bikers warm. Longer days and an increase in sunny days is bumping up the number of folks making the trek to Rabbit Hash to check on us and, for now, the rising waters of the Ohio River are holding.

No one looks forward to the end of this rainy, unpredictable season more than I do. I also look forward to hosting the musical events that make Rabbit Hash what it is and to seeing all of your familiar, happy faces!

It's unbelievable that time has passed us by quickly; The General Store burned SIX years ago, we have missed three seasons of Sunday Music behind the Stove, 3 Old Timers' Day festivals and summer barn dances! No doubt that the absence of these events will make the return all the sweeter. Your continued support of the Rabbit Hash General Store and its hosting of barn dances, Sunday music and outdoor concerts are greatly appreciated.

Live Music

"Lagniappe" means something given as a bonus or extra gift and I have always felt that that is what Rabbit Hash does when we bring live music here to the banks of the Ohio. It is our extra gift to you for always supporting our town. While it might be a little too soon to celebrate the exodus of the Coronavirus yet, come May 6, 2022 we are going to try when the Rabbit Hash General Store brings the Cincinnati based band, Los Honchos, to the outdoor stage.

Summer Barn dances are still on the radar but for now we will be keeping the music outside where we can safely enjoy listening to tunes as we sit by the river, dance, sing along and enjoy each others company again down at the Rabbit Hash General Store.