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  • History of Rabbit HashSurviving floods and fires...

    Little documented history of Rabbit Hash actually survives, primarily because devastating Ohio River floods in 1884, 1913 and 1937 ruined many records. There is still mud in the store's attic crawl space from the historic 1937 flood, and the only reason it is still here is that it's anchored securely to the ground by a series of iron rods.Read More
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  • 1 About the General StoreIn Operation Since 1831
  • 2 History of Rabbit HashSurviving floods and fires...
  • 3 News and Upcoming Events Music, celebrations and more
  • 4 Photo Gallery Photos of Rabbit Hash, events, etc.
  • 5 Shop Online Special items we sell online

The permits are under way and we are all anticipating the beginning of the restoration of the Rabbit Hash General Store. In case you haven't been to Rabbit Hash lately, you will be glad to know we are doing most of the waiting in the building we refer to as the "barn". It has housed our barn dances and other social gatherings for years but currently it is serving as the temporary General Store. You know, we just can't have a place to gather, swap stories, and solve the world's problems! It has been said that, "you can't keep a good town down" so we are doing our best to carry on as usual until we can satisfy our souls, by sitting in the new, old general store. There is no estimate yet on when the restoration will be completed but you are welcome to join us in the waiting....

While we wait, let's have some music. Ricky Nye and the Paris Blues will be featured this coming Friday, May 20. I am not sure how this will work but I think it is important to come together, to share music and comaraderie in order to keep the spirit alive in Rabbit Hash. Let's give it try. If it works, wink wink (pretty sure it will), we will do it again on June 24 with Johnny Berry and the Outliers from Louisville

I am forever grateful for not only your support, but also for your enthusiasm when it comes to Rabbit Hash. There are many other events happening in, around and for this little town and I will do my best to keep you posted. The next event is May 28th and 29th at the Southgate House Revival. It will be a benefit for the Restore effort by providing 2 days of music from our favorite musicians that you have all probably heard at one time or another in Rabbit Hash. I look forward to seeing you all soon as the weather warms and the dust begins to settle.


Terrie Markesbery

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Coffee Lovers Basket

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Beer Lovers Bundle

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COVID-19 SurVIRAList Basket

COVID-19 SurVIRAList Basket

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Rabbit Hash General Store Christmas Tree Ornaments

Rabbit Hash General Store Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Stay at The Old Hashienda in the Heart of Rabbit Hash


hashienda-pic1.jpg Nightly accommodations are available in "The Center of the Universe" aka Rabbit Hash, Kentucky! We have converted one of the classic buildings of downtown Rabbit Hash into a lovely, rustic inn we call The Old Hashienda. During your stay in the heart of Rabbit Hash, you can sit on the porch swing with a cool drink, watch as the riverboats pass by, catch a great sunset, or even take in some incredible live music from your own porch.


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